• Palamore LMS

    Learning Results

    Palamore's software suite helps you get the most out of your company's knowledge to maximize sales, ensure compliance, and best support your members.

  • No matter what you sell, sell more with Palamore

    Sales Results

    People buy and sell the products that they know, trust, and feel are best supported. Palamore is the vehicle that helps you take them there

  • Audience friendly

    Your audience will love us!

    Palamore is easy to use, and fun. With adult education, you need to make the audience want to learn more. Palamore is a learner's friend forever

  • Superior technology

    SCORM 1.2 and 2004 Compliant

    Most companies say that they are SCORM compliant, but we are amongst the best. That means that you can get the best out of your third party authoring tools and content.

  • Affordable

    No User Fees. Honest pricing. Instant value.

    "Rental" (SaaS) and Perpetual use licensing models available

  • Customized Customer Support Options

    What you need. When you need it.

    Our support is tailored to your business, and your contact will understand your needs. Not just our user manual.

  • Mobility

    The world of touchscreens

    If you design your course to run in a mobile browser, Palamore will allow your users to access their training from anywhere that you desire.

  • Contact Us

    More than a website

    email: info@palamore.com

About Us

A single mission.

We sell the best LMS in the world.  This has been a ten year effort.  We are not trying to be the coolest speaker at the latest egg head convention.  Instead, we provide effective solutions that will help you today and tomorrow.


No sacrifices.
No Complications.

Palamore is built with .NET and SQL.   We offer hosted and self-hosted options.  Our goal is to be your IT department's best friend.

Why Palamore?

Sell your courses online (optional)
Support your membership
Increase the effectiveness of your training
Monitor compliance
Increase the value and revenue of your franchise or multi-store organization
Easy to use. Superior support.  No "per user" charges.

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What kind of help do you need?

Palamore is SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant with intention to add Tin Can compliance in 2014.

Our LMS is so easy to use that you may not need any help.  However, if you do, we offer an array of support options: 1.) Implementation 2.) Business hour support 3.) Strategic consulting 4.) Course Development referals. 5.)Proven Off the Shelf Content partnerships 6.) Sales and Sales Support 7.) Hosting


Our Customers

Multi Store Franchises


Staffing and Consulting Companies

Hardware and Software providers



Associations and Cooperatives


Independent Subject Matter Experts, Authors,  & Speakers